Aloha, Oregon
Aloha Oregon 97006, 97007

Aloha post office was established on January 8,1912. It was supposedly named by Robert Caples, a railroad man, but the reason for the name was unknown. In 1983, Joseph H. Buck of King City informed the compiler that his uncle, Julius Buck, was the first postmaster and that he named the office Aloah after a small resort on Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin. During the application process the last two letters were transposed by the Post Office Department, resulting in the shift from a Midwestern Native American name to a Hawaiian word. The Buck family had come to Oregon from Wisconsin in 1907 and settled west of Beaverton. An 1894 atlas shows a small community named Alloa in Wisconsin about 30 miles north of Madison, but Joseph Buck said that this name had no connection.