Canyon City, Oregon
123 S. Washington
PO Box 276
Canyon City Oregon 97820
Fax: 541-575-0515

Canyon City is the county seat of Grant County. Canyon Mountain guards this small but picturesque town, located approximately seventy miles north of Burns and one mile south of John Day in East Central Oregon. Living history truly stands out to the visitor of Canyon City. Two historic murals and a sign in the city park depict Canyon City's exciting "Gold Rush" era. The recently renovated buildings enhance the city's rustic charm and historic significance. Gold was first discovered in Canyon Creek which flows through town. Some still find it tempting to try their luck panning.

The downtown area attracts visitors of all ages. The city park in the heart of town is a favorite picnic spot as well as play area for the local young people. The annual Music in the Park series, performed during the summer months, is enjoyed by residents of the entire county. The city has been referred to as a "bedroom community". Our community spirit, scenic beauty, good water, and strong community leadership make Canyon City a desirable place to live, Canyon City is the site of numerous small businesses, cottage industries, and government and associated offices. Accommodations for our visitors are plentiful at nearby John Day.

  • ' 62 Days: A celebration of the town's legacy hosted by the Whiskey Gulch Gang, in June usually for three days.
  • Music in the Park: June, July, August.