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Web sites can be very expensive, but they don't have to be. Oregon Cities can provide High Quality Professional Web sites for a donation.

Most Cities would love to have a web site, but have discovered how expensive it can be. Now you can get a City web page at no cost and a web site with a simple donation. All cities or towns can have one (1) web page free. Most want to connect their city to the rest of the world. A web site does not have to be expensive. Below is a list of services that Oregon Cities can provide at a price far less than other over-priced services.

Let give you a break down of what this site cost we purchased Oregoncities.us, .org, .net, .info, .biz, .ws, and .cc. These domain are purchased at an average cost of $9.00 per domain for a total of $63.00 a year, it cost 10.00 a month for hosting the site that's another $100.00. So as you can see to maintain this site it only cost 126.00 a year.

"Hay" If your city can't afford a donation give me a call and lets talk to see what I can do for you. This site runs off donations. I'm sure we can help you out.

Initial Donation web set-up
To Oregon Cities, Towns, and communities the first page is free with up to 3 images.
This is your main page where your basic information is placed. The images can be either your own logo's and art work or we can help create original images for you.

Services and Donations
These services and donations only apply if you are needing more than one page.
A one time donation of $175.00 will cover the setup.
$25.00 donation for each additional page
After the main page is completed, most people want additional pages added. These pages have addition information placed on them that is relevant to the main page, such as meetings, maps, special events Oregon any other information you want your viewers to access to.

$5.00 donation for each additional image (After the free first three images).
$2.50 donation for updating images.
These include your photos, your artwork Oregon any other images you may want added to your site.

$5.00 donation for PDF file up to 10 pages.
create and make MSWORD PDF files for posting to the Internet. Billed in 10 page increments.
$2.50 donation for updating the PDF file up to 10 pages.
Replacement PDF Files for site. Billed in 10 page increments.

Keeping it current
$60.00 donation a month for managing, updates, changes, etc.
Your web site is complete. You have all the pages and images you need to present your site in the best manner possible. Things are constantly changing, so you need someone to keep your site up to date. Oregon Cities can provide this service for you.

Other services available
$5.00 donation for PDF file up to 10 pages.
create and make MSWORD PDF files for posting to the Internet. Billed in 10 page increments.

You can make a donation with the PayPal or if you prefer to send your donation by mail please email us for the address to send your donation to.

Business Information:
This is our way of providing a much needed service to each community through out the state of Oregon. Oregon Cities is a project of a nonprofit corporation in the state of Oregon. If you have any questions regarding this site please email us at the email link below.

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Phone: 503-409-0131