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The complier remebers when this locality was called Villsa Maria. That was about 1910. In Apirl 1943, Father Leo J. Linahen was kind enough to look into the history of the name Marylhurst, and he reported as follows: "Since a modest count showed that there were altogether too many Villa Marias in the country, a more distinctive name was sought. A Sister Mary Claudia (MacIntosh) is credited with the choice of Marylhurst, or at least with the suggestion of the insertion of the "l," for euphony. This was in 1913. The mary part is easily explained. The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary try always to put some reference to the Virgin in the names of their schools, witness their St. Mary's Academies. The hurst part is not too mysterious, either. When property was acquired, the Sisters thought, as did everyone else, that the proposed highway would be below their holdings,along the river. This would have put their buildings among the trees on the heights above the river, on the hurst. The front of the College faces upward toward the new highway, but the older buildings, Christie Home and the Provincial House, face downward toward the river and toward the place where the Sisters thought the highway was going to be built. From the new road, they seem to be not on a height but in a hallow; they thought they were going to be precisely on a hurst." Marylhurst post office was established August 9, 1939.